Mobil6000 casino has a unique feature called the Bank Vault, where you have the chance to win free spins, cash prizes or possibly the jackpot of  €100,000!

Every time you play casino games for real money, you will increment the value in your power bar from the initial starting point of 0% towards 100%. Once you hit 100%, then you will effectively level up.

At this time you are then able to visit the Mobil6000 Bank Vault. Simply click the stop button, and the bank vault wheel will stop on either a prize, or a dynamite stick. If it hits a dynamite stick then you will progress to the next inner ring, and higher prizes, where the jackpot ultimately sits in the middle.

You are guaranteed a prize every time you visit the bank vault, it could be bronze, silver or gold free spins.

It could be a cash prize of €60 or €600!

It could be the jackpot pof €100,000!

Visit the Mobil6000 Bank Vault and get in the action.

You can also visit the Bank Vault in the language of your choice…

 Norway Mobil6000 bankhvelvet

 Sweden Mobil6000 bankvalvet

 Finland Mobil6000 pankkiholvi

 German Mobil6000 banktresor

 Canadian Mobil6000 bank vault

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